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Awaken, Connect & Nourish Your Soul
Step into spiritual evolution of human kind

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Rock Balancing


Where psychological integration meets the Universal Consciousness


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From the Founder

I am inspired to create a "Soul Retreat, SPC" and to share this experience with other magnificent Beings.  It started as a thought, an inception of desire to honor this life's mission and follow my heart's calling.

It is now manifesting into this flowing form of adventures, retreats, classes, workshops,  existential journeys, creative writing and artistic expressions, connection with all that is through a human network, a connected consciousness mission of sharing the Universal Love and Spiritual Vitality. 

The foundation for the idea was inspired by the experience of every day life.  Many have awakened to live a joyous life, recognizing the Creator within all of us and learning to honor the experience bestowed upon us. I invite you to see the beauty and pure Love in all things. 

From this perspective forward sprung up an abundance of ideas and above all, a way, to share this experience with others, just as so many have shared their "Soul Retreats" with me. 

I hope you enjoy the magnetizing
magic of Soul Retreat. 

Ekaterina Henyan
Visionary Entrepreneur
Spiritual Being


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