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Community Garden

Social Time


We believe that human interaction is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. Such we leverage the time with you to ensure for a mentally engaging and emotionally balanced dialogue. Additionally, we partner up with you to join in community events, bingo gamesdinner and a movie or a walk in the park. We can help you host a dinner gathering for family and friends. We can also accommodate your needs on a multi-day voyage with prior planning. 

Engagements range 4hrs; 4hrs- 8hrs; 10hrs - 12hrs; 24 hrs

Foot Massage

Physical Activity & Body Treatment


The body is Spirit's temple while busy doing work on this plane. Thus we strongly believe in conscious care for the body. Level of physical activity is dependent on the client's care plan, abilities and desires. We work together in encouraging such movements through gardening, time spent in nature, gym and recreational activities, yoga and meditation. In addition, we believe that human touch with right intention is a powerful tool for nourishing the physical body. Such we offer hand massages and foot spas to help draw blood flow to the extremities and pamper thy temple in an honorable way by Nature's design.

Hand massage & foot spa: 1hr-2hrs

Other engagements: 2hr -4hrs

Home Improvement

Special Projects & General Maintenance


We understand that your responsibilities extend to the care of the home and the property on which it sits. Such we offer large project management oversight (such as roof repair or a kitchen remodel). Additionally, we offer room organizing and editing, furniture assembly, and assistance with minor and major installations. We also offer home maintenance such as gutter cleaning and landscape maintenance. Some minor home repairs such as adjusting clothes rack or changing out toilet seat are also in our offering. 

Bookings are in 4hrs increments. 

Happy Driver

Designated Driver


Schedule the plan for the day and the driver will design the best route for your needs. Receive a front-door service to your destination whether it is grocery shopping, doctor's appointment or the bank. Your designated driver will assist with loading and unloading

Bookings: 2hrs increments + mileage

Cleaning the Bathroom Sink

House Cleaning


We believe that a fresh and de-cluttered environment provides for a thriving lifestyle. Fresh air, clean linens and towels, sanitized kitchen and bathroom areas provide for a healthy environment for the client and those carrying for the individual. 

Typical home cleaning includes kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, living room and dining room. 4-6 hrs / week 

Deep cleaning or first time maintenance 6hrs each room. 

Cooking Lunch

Home Cook and Personal Chef


We understand the importance of proper nutrition and encourage consuming fresh and organic produce. You and your personal chef will discuss weekly meal plan which will help with grocery shopping. Your personal chef will prepare and deliver you hot food or cook on site as previously agreed. Client is responsible for groceries purchase in advance. 

Meal Prep 1.5 hrs and/or Delivery 30 min

We also offer Home Cook assistance for a group gathering including set up and clean up. Up to 8hrs a Home Cook.

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